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Me thinks me song is stuck

2010-09-06 21:46:30 by Instid

SO it's been 2 weeks since i've submitted a part of my... song... if u can call it that, to newgrounds. still has not been approved. makes me wish i joined my bro with his music + newgrounds craze years b4... :/

edit: oh wait, it got approved! yay!

FL Studio song...

2010-08-21 17:15:17 by Instid

Sooooo, im working on a song atm, first one ever... i've helped out with my brother, Sizzlorox, before and he's been kinda working on this with me, teaching and watnot. i hope my musical ears can help me and dont fail me. u guys can check out his songs, most of em r pretty cool. All i can say right now is that my style and his r two completely different styles.